we were just kids


"There’s a devil on my shoulder, he’s got a rocking chair on my front porch, but I won’t let him in". This line always hits me so hard because there is a devil on my shoulder and I struggle with it every day, to push myself forward and be happy, I hate being sad and I hate dwelling on the past, but there’s hope for me because I know I’ll be ok as long as I keep my head up.

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Every Time I Die - For The Record


Lord have mercy on my soul.
I’ve had a good run but I can’t run anymore.
Just put me down.

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Rotting Out by Alvin Carrillo on Flickr.

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Citizen | I’m Sick Of Waiting (x)

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Neck Deep - Over and Over


Cross my heart and hope for better days ahead,

Get out of this weather,

I’m not getting over it, just getting used to this,

Over and over and over and over.

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Highline Ballroom 

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